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Once upon a time there was a little girl. As the time passed by, the girl grew up and become a woman. That is, she sure looked like one: she was tall, had a nice hair that she brushed entirely by herself, she had a job, her place to stay… all the grown up stuff. But the thing she didn`t have is a stable grown up relationship.

Hm…now that`s tough, her mother thought. „When you are going to find a decent  man?“ – she asked often, smudging the woman with that amiable varnish of expectation and guilt. And how mothers often do, she didn`t stop there: „Oh! Jenny, remember, Jim`s and Joan`s doughter, just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! And Stella, the one across the street, just got married for a lawyer! Ain`t that just great?!?“.  

Well, yippeeeeeee!

The grown up girl knew that she had a problem. It`s not that she didn`t want someone „decent“ it`s just that, somehow, it never worked with anyone. She tried and tried, got hurt, got scared, got bored, got physically satisfied, got frustrated, got angry but never got happy and calm. Finally, after all those years she started asking one question to herself – is it me?

The answer is – yes.

It is you, honey. And the only thing that is „wrong“ with you is that you`re scared. Why? Well, that`s an easy one!

Try to remember how many times during the years have you heard the sentence „Men are great!“? C`mon try it! Nothing? Try harder…Still nothing? Hm…

And know try the easy one – how many times have you heard the opposite? Aha. How many times have you heard it this week? This month? What about this year? Oh, that much.. And how many stories you heard showing it?…Hm…

Get the picture?

And then how in the world do you expect that you will enter in it with your hands and heart opened? You know, the parts that are actually required for a decent relationship. The parts you want form the other person too. That parts that you require also.

All jokes aside, but have you ever thought about all those scary things and „facts“ that they  told us when we were growing up? We heard it from out parents and our friends, which are now actually expecting that we have a „proper“ relationship. A marriage too, the one that it will last.

But nobody thinks that you got actually and deeply scared. Hell, they done such a  good job that you have already started to pick men for which you KNOW you won`t stay with. The ones that even on the very beginning you see that you really don`t have too much in common, so you decide to give it a shot knowing deep inside that it will be over. Because that way you are sure – men are everything they told you they will be. No surprises here.


So you wander around like Dorothy Gale (and gale you are, blowing away all the good things) searching for the one who will take you home (you know, that loving, safe and warm place) but scared as hell of all that lions, tigers, bears and what not. And why? Because you got the instructions. All the clarifications, interpretations and illustrations, teaching you to ski then buying you a ticket for a public swimming pool. And hoping that no harm will come out of it.


Click your heels Dorothy, and come home. Here men are sometimes sweet, often fun and always alive. Like you are. There are no smokey wizards, no made up animals or special effects. Just you and the whole shiny real world. Enjoy it.


Because you deserve it 25.






When we are small the world is a fascinating place. Every plane that flyes through the sky, every snowflake which lands on our palm, every found treasure even if it`s a ordinary plastic bead on the road, seems incredible. Then they convince us that we have to be practical, serious, with both feet on the ground, without too much dreams. They teach us to dissect every information, dismiss unecessary decorations and leave just useble facts. Forget the wings, forget the magic powder, forget the colorful clouds made for jumping. Do not dream.

Welll bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! Magic exists!

Oh yes, I saw it last night! Me and dozens of other people. Dozens of grown up serious people. Really. Not some dreamers or lunatics but some responsable and often sceptical, cynical people.

In this town exists a man. He`s not exceling in any way. He doesn`t wears a pointy hat, long gray bear, or shiny cloak. He doesn`t hides a crystal ball, not even a bag with mysterious ingrediants and he doesn`t mumble words of some strange language in his chin. But from time to time he draws a magical stick. And then the Time stops. And the people around him. Because what he does is a real bonified magic! He is a glassblower. And what a glassblower!

The shapes that materialize from his flame, breath and stick are truely unbealivable. Every piece is carefuly shaped, every incredibly tiny detail is pulled with fantastic care. From thin air, in front of our very eyes mystical creatures from ancient tales are arising, but also some modern dreams of today`s hidden dreamers, even the ones which are carefuly cloacked from others big serious people. And they are all perfect. They are here but not quit.?? You see them but somehow dreamy. And they are becoming your personal prism through which you see the world.

But the thing that truely makes him a wizard is the power to make you a child again. I appreciate his skill but I enjoy more in observing the people around him. This, up till know, serious, hasty, grinned and worried people, are now small children which stand speechlessly and watching him with shiny and widely opened eyes. And they are really standing for half an hour, sometimes even a whole hour, sighing, smiling, ocassionaly looking at each other with true joy on their faces. Have you seen that? Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! This is…. fantastic!

And it is. The thing he does and what he does to you. Magic. From the fingers and the breath of a real wizard. So do not bealive to those evil witches which tell you the opposite. `Cause they are laying. The magic exists and you are still a child.

The fascinated and amazed joyful child which bealives in miracles. I know, I`ve seen it with my own eyes. Have you?