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She`s got certain years. Actually, she doesn`t, but lets say that she is, according to some provincial criteria, passed the line for rosebud, fresh dew and busy bees. This is why she is very worried with the absence of a wedding ring on her finger which should be the indicator of successful living. So because of that, she is determined to find a husband at any cost.

 The scenario should go something like this:

her aunt, from her birthplace, knows a guy from that same town (after all, roots are roots) which is single. It doesn`t matter how he looks like, he`s got all hands, legs and a head. The aunt gave her his number of telephone and said that he will be celebrating his birthday, few days from today. The gameplan was that the mentioned Ringcovetor sends him a text message with birthday wishes to establish a first contact. Which was successfully done. The communication continued through few other messages and they have agreed to meet in their birthtown. There they had a drink, exchanged few usual weather/politics sentences, after which they have both returned into towns where they live and work.

And the show may begin….

The Singleman was classified into a high priority category which you don`t let go. To be more precised, the travesty with direct flirting, sighing and admiration, with detalied and careful planning was on. Actively.

This was going on about a month and a half ago. `Till now, they saw each other 3 times till then. In the meanwhile the Ringcovetor have requested and procured a transfer from her firm to a city where the Singleman lives and works. She is already making plans of which wedding dress will she buy and looking for an apartment where THEY will live. Should I say that not even one of this plans was mentioned to the Singleman and that he hasn`t a slighest idea of the diabolique plan? I guess not, you have figuared it out…..

I am standing in the street, after meeting this female hunter, and the Ringcovetor is euphorically „reporting“ the newest data of her grand plan. Like I said, I am standing there, nodding in silence but not bealiving. What the…?!?!? How…? What is wrong with her? How in the world can someone do that to another person?!? After the primary surprise, I dare to ask how he looks like (yes, I know, it is superficial, but after that kind of report, I couldn`t remember what would be the suitable response).

And this was the answer. „…well…he is not exactly what we would say goodlooking…Normally, I like strong developed men and he is.. hm…kind of tiny. His face is not the prettiest neither….“. And again, what the…..????

So my next question was what do they have in common. And…silence. She is not saying anything and I – I am waiting…

She is probably thinking „who the hell she thinks she is, bothering me with some irrelevant questions???“ and I am thinking „Well honey, if you took the liberty to bother ME with it, and you really picked the wrong day, let`s go all the way down!“

After a minute or so she answers: „We…we are made for each other!“

So this is why I tweet innocently: „Really? Why do you think that? What do you like about him? What are his favorite things?“

She is looking at me irritated and says:“ I know it! What does it matters what are his favorite things?!?“.

Aaaaaah, soooo, THAT`s why! He is alive, single and you are under pressure for the time-table! …Anyhow, we said goodbye, she went her way and I took mine, still not bealiving what I have just heard. She has to marry at any cost, using all means, not giving a s..t how and with who.

I had this conversation a week ago and I still can`t understand it. I presume that when she stopped me in the street, she wanted to brag with her story of success, to me and God knows  who else, but she just can`t see how that makes her…perfid, low, pathetic and how that is degrading for both sides. And that this isn`t something with which you should brag with, au contraire – you should keep your mouth shout.

On the other hand, if the guy is blind enough not to see it, then I guess he deserves that. Otherway, he would move from this platform of super-fast trains for belated destinations.

P.S. in case I hear the sequel of this story, I will let you know.

You`ve found yourself a new man.

You˛re good together, everything goes smothly and you feel fine. But after a certain time you will probably hear this question: how many guys did you had before me?

Hm….. Well, let`s seeee….

If you`re really naive, and crazy about him, and you are convinced that you two shouldn`t have secrets between you, because this is the greatest love story in the history…you will tell him the truth. Aaaaaaaand….. he will flip! Completly! He will fall apart in one million pieces. From that gentle self-confident guy he will transform into a burning jello.

Because THAT was not what he was expecting to hear. In that second, when you say it, through his head will pass a respectable selection of hard porns of you and all your ex-s, how they fuck you hard and you are screaming in indescridable pleasure.

What he really wanted to hear is a pitifully small number, followed by your comment that they weren`t something anyway. And that nobody fucked you like he did. Because he is definitely the best.

The whole drama with sluts and saints is about male insecurity. The „sluts“ have some experience and they surely know if he is good in bed or not. And how much he sucks, if he does. Have in mind that he wants to be great. Always. To every woman.

And don`t even bother, after the confession, to explain that according to you the experience is a good thing.  That you are glad that he also had a number of partners because that makes you sexually compatible. He doesn`t hears you anymore.

The only sounds in his head are your wild moaning provoced by the hyper-potent ex-s, exchanging with the slides of Roman orgies with you as the main star. From His beloved Sweety you have metamorphosed into Somebody else`s Jezebel.

And this, my friends, is the reason for male virgin fascination. They don`t know if he is and how bad he is in the bed. They can`t compare it and he automatically becomes a great lover. Which will overflow his ego like the Mississippi in 1927.

So be smart. When he pops that question, stay cool. Think about it and give an acceptable answer. The one he can swallow, don`t try the „Bur darling, you`re the first“. It ain`t gonna work. Give him the one after which everything will stay fine, like it was before it.

And repeat it to all the guys after him:-)

That is, if you want a long-term relationship.

(after all, you don`t really think that he tells YOU everything, don`t you?)

You were, weren`t you.

But you are no more, aren`t you.

And now, what everyone are expecting is that you are nice and civilised.

Like „no biggy, of course that we can still chirp, I mean yes, we have broke up but we can still be friends, don`t worry about it“.

Oh really?!?

There is something I need to say to you… Do I have your attention? Listen then…

Drop dead!!! That`s right, you heard me, die bastard, die!!!

Call me primitive, hey, consider me even a spore, but THAT „friendly thingy“ just won`t happen!

Hear, hear!

He was with Her, for some time, and She was everything except caring or loving. Actually, that`s not completly true: she was caring and loving to herself but to him she gave nothing. To be more precise, she was a cold egocentric trash. But in fancy gloves.

And they broke up. And of course, the pure post-moderna came up with today`s inevitable „let`s stay friends“ line. The chuff, well-manered, moden and nice as he is, of course said YES.

And that`s why he thinks he is cool.

„Yeah, we`ve been together, she`s ok, we are still going for a cup of coffee every now and then. I`m cool.“.

The bitch, `cause that`s what she is, have emotionaly squeezed him until the last drop, and now he is paying some I`m-soooo-above-this role.

Oh no, you`re not cool. You`re pathetic.

Why? Because that beast have hurted you. Badly.

And with that forcing of a good and civilised relationship the only thing that you`re achieving is that you are stepping on that minimum of dignity that you still have.

You are beating down yourself.

Because you are denying all that blackness that you have swollen for her, because you are scorning YOUR feelings. To hell with hers!

You may keep trying to persuade your mind that this is not true, but your truely self, your real Me, knows the real truth. You can`t fool it. Oh, you may totally train yourself to be insensitive and totally cool but the fact is that you are spitting yourself in the face. And you are doing it again and again. With every „friendly coffee“ and every „funny“ sms.


Wanna buy a whimp too?

What you should do, you ask?

Forgive her, of course. And what is more important – forgive yourself. You made a mistake. Human factor.

And then you call her and tell her this: Fuck out of my life!!! Don`t call me, don`t send me messagges, to be short – FUCK OFF.

Get a life, leave mine to me.

I may be a total jerk, a moron, whatever, but he/she must know: I am precious.

And I won`t let no-one to trample me. My every breath is priceless. And I won`t waste it with you, that`s for sure.

This is called selfrespect.

It is a fine skill.

It is not for anyone.

Surely not for bitches/jerks.

And I don`t care about the social norms. I want to be good to myself. And true. And worth of my own respect.

That`s why repeat after me: fuck you.

Because I deserve it.