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Watching the tv last night. Jumping from channel to channel looking for something watchable. And there, on one of them, I saw a reality show with a 50-and-something woman jumping in front of the camera as a yorkshire terrier in front of a beaf can. Watched it for about a minute, felt sorry for her and changed the chanell.

But she got me thinking – how many of them do you know? The ones who are making a fool of themselves in certain years, playing the role of „if I feel like a teenager, then I probably am one“? Don`t get me wrong, I do bealive that we should be active and alive all our lives but some lines of good taste must be drawn.

And I don`t know who looks more silly doing it, men or women.

Female example: a mature lady, which desperatly wants to look as a teenager, shopping just the „goodies“ made for them and acting in the same way. You saw it, with the mini skirt, wearing a glittering t-shirt with the sign „sexy girl“, with the hair totally burned of peroxid and with 3 tons of make up on their face, usually with quite….interesting colours.

Usually very loud, giggles all the time, with a disturbingly happy expression on her face.


Male example: „cool“ jeans, so tight that it really brings his ass in the spotlight, again a t-shirt with a „cool“ sign on it, Ray Ban glasses, wears a belonging neckless.

Also loud, checks ALL the girls on the street (from 15-45), usually throws a line to all of them, which is, according to him, very funny too. And yeah, he digs it all! (while the girl, on which he is drulling, looks at him with pity, poor granpa….)

Feeling pathetic anyone?

The thing that I don`t understand is if they truely bealive that this will pass? If this kind of man just doesn`t get it, that his targeted audience sees him as a silly, and often irittating, old fart? While the woman of the same model presents just a comical smeared halfing?

I know that it is „in“ to be young but the clock is ticking people. And everybody hears and sees it. And also, what happened to the old saying that every time brings it`s joy?

It`s been a long day.

And you worked your ass off.

The only thing that comes to your mind is to take a shower and lie down.

So you are heading to the shower bath.

Question: how do you wanna feel?

No really, how do you wanna feel? Think! Don`t give me an ordinary „OK“ or „fine“.

No, no, you want to feel like someone really important!

In your bath slash shower.

Because it is a major issue.

At least it is according to any product for personal care, with their new luxury oily-creamy showering product.

Now watch out! You see a gorgeous chick in the shower, all in lush glittering foam, and she is petting herself sooooo gently….and under it, on the bottom of the screen you can read:

Yasmin – business communication manager. (but of course she is)

And now, let`s take a wild guess and presume that YOUR name is Mary (Susan, Barbara, Linda, Maria….) and that you work in a grocery store. Just before the famous showering action, you were carrying heavy boxes, cleaning shelves, had an argue with your boss about a some stupid thing, then with your landlord who insisted that you…. You didn`t feel glamorous at all. Not a bit. A-a.

But you would like to.


Simple, you „steal“ some VIP life using the same shower cream as dignitary and smashing Yasmin! If it`s good enough for Yasmin, you`ll be flying through stars!

The thing that actually sucks is that the product is intended for self-confident emancipated successful career woman with the X factor.

Not for some… Mary, for crying out loud!

And you want something better for yourself. At least for that 10 minutes, or how long it takes to take a shower.

You would be Yasmin too, just for a while.

Because, after the luxury shower, Yasmin will probably slip into a very expensive dress, sit in her very expensive car, and drive herself on some very expensive place, where she will eat a very expnesive dinner with a equally expensive man.

And you would like soooooo much to be her, just for a moment. `Cause you are sick from the existing situation.

The smart and very clever heads who make the commercials know that. That`s why they invented a VIP hottie in the first place. And as soon as you buy their product, bang – you feel better already!

You already feel luxurious. Somehow you are…. yasminized. And you feel gooooooood.

Because who wants to be Mary?!?

Mary sucks.

And that`s the main messagge of the commercial.

(recommended for all Marys, Barbaras, Marias, Susans and all those lovely and beautiful „ordinary“ girls – you are the true stars)