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„I red about it recently, it`s called financial mobbing!“ – she said and I just couldn`t help agreeing. Not in the name of the feminine solidarity but because of the simple human sympathy.

As we all know it, things are far from fine. OK, we`re still in the middle of the crisis, no matter what they say. People are afraid of losing their jobs, everyone are up to their noses in debts and loans, the costs and expenses are rising and when you pay all the sxxt you`re suppose to you may say you can barely buy the food. And what my favorite aunt says, the man is a hunter, he is inborn with a social role of the family provider. And when he is not capable to do it as he should on the required level – he suffers. Sure, but how, in which way he will express it – that is a completely other topic.

Hear, hear!

He watches closely, on daily basis, how, where and on what she spends every cent. They are not going anywhere, not even visiting their friends, because he always says no. But the fights about the money are taking place every day in every occasion for almost every single thing. In the same time, he insists to check every bill and receipt she ever paid, he daily checks her and his account, just in case she may spend on something they don`t really need.

Where are they now? Huh, everyday arguments, fights, groans, sighs, snorts, grumble, shouting, and the worst of all they came to long loathing silences. Hard, right? She says that she tries to explain that life is full of ups and downs, that she remembers when her parents had it, that is will pass, that`s just life but he won`t listen.

So what she does? Well, at this point, for her little needs, she is trying to avoid using the credit card, that in every opportunity she gets, hides a buck or two every day, and even if she buys something to herself, like a face cream, she hides it somewhere in the house, sometimes even in their child`s toys. For the new shoes she bought she said it was a gift from her mother. I mean the woman is tricking and jilting that much that she feels like a crock or at least a secret agent in her own house! So for that reason, she is thinking about leaving him.

What about their intimacy? None. Zip. Zero. And I mean not a trace, like looking for a decent meal in a vegan restaurant. Sex? She doesn`t remembers when something even close happened last time. And how will she? Seriously, who sleeps with it`s enemy? They keep each other on the shooting line from the time they wake up until they are asleep. She doesn`t feels like it. He doesn`t understands.

Really? Can`t figure it out why? OK, let me explain, from a woman`s perspective. This kind of fascist patronizing behavior is sending only one message – that she is an idiot, a small irresponsible child for which someone else has to bring the decisions because she is simply not capable for it. And then after such a humiliating treatment you expect the reimbursement of anything and even physical love? Really? How interesting. Wake up ego-khan, trust me, it ain`t gonna happen! Respect is a two-way street, same as the appreciation. She is not a moron, or your child, or your property. Capisce?

You can often hear how people are simply disgust by just a mention that somebody have actually paid for sex with a prostitute. They got married but didn`t properly understood that you have to earn your wife`s love. You never ever take her for granted.

So, if you are asking are you paying for sex the answer is affirmative – yes you are. Always. The thing is that it is not always with money. There are actually only few things that woman needs to be felt loved and to return that love with huge interests. Just three words with the most powerful meaning and remember them well – respect, attention, trust.

And now go, run as your feet carry you to show it!

Because we deserve it, 176.


Human banking

One of the things I try to avoid are visits to the bank. Bless the internet. Don`t like them `cause there`s nothing human in it and let`s face it – waiting is not my stronger side.

Anyway, been to one the other day. A smaller one, in the suburbs, to be exact. And I had a proper surrealistic experience.

It was a nice, sunny morning, a usual morning like any other. I entered into a empty bank. Completly empty. Except me, the clerk and the guard, there was nobody there. So I have approached the desk with my morning smile (the one after the 1st but before the 2nd latte) and said „Good morning!“.

The clerk, a lady around 45 with large glasses and interesting hair, looked at me disapproving and said „Where`s your number?“.

So I said: „Excuse me? „ and the guard said „You have to take the number!“.

I looked at him to check if he`s serious – I mean, I am the only living person here! But his face and the look on it was very determined saying that I HAVE to follow the procedure.

OK. I got back to the door, choosed the type of service, took the paper with the number on it, walked back to the clerk dropping the number on the desk. No reaction.

I am looking at her and she is looking at me, with some blank smile on her face. Not moving.

Not speaking. Nothing!

I looked at the guard again (give me some clue man!!!) and he whispered „You have to wait for your number to come out!“.

You gotta be kiddin me…

After few minutes of playing looking-smiling-blankly starring the clerk pressed a button and it showed number 162 on the display. 162!!! It`s mine! I won, I won!!! Yeeeeepeeeeee! What a shocker! They love me, they really love me! I`d like to thank my family, the director, the producers, those lovely people from the…

And then the guard asked „Is this your number?“ …Of course it`s my bloody number!!! There is nobody here except ME!!! What the…….?!?

Then the clerk said „Can I check the number please? Thank you. OK. Good morning, how can I help you?“.

We finished in the same official robotic tone, same smile, same expression. Robo-clerk…

OK, I know that the procedure is very useful when the bank is crowded with people but who`s brilliant idea was to train them to react ALWAYS in the same way, no matter if there is 100 people or just 1 person? And what`s with all that standing, smiling and starring for 10 minutes?

Next time when I get the call from your bank, offering some of your special services, insurance packages, investment opportunities or something similar,  I WILL play a little with YOU:

Press 1 for my personal opinion of your bank

Press 2 for curses regarding your procedure

Press 3 for choosing curses on another language

After half on hour of listening some extremly boring music,  please grade my service. And don`t call again. Ever.