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Winter is coming! Oh, wait, it`s here already.


Forget about long colds nights – light it up with some serious laughter. I present you the funniest gift this season – a handpicked selection of comedies to bring back the merry in the upcoming holidays.

Go and grab your freebie!



Winter ice tongue

Hi, guys, it`s time for a freebie!

Here`s my novelette Behind the Stars, the prequel to I Never Lied to You.

Hope you`ll enjoy it, happy holidays!


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Behind the Stars





The cozy and fuzzy December is here.

Get in the holiday mood with handpicked stories from this wonderful bundle.

https://storyoriginapp.com/bundles/c15029b2-0a85-11ea-b1f5-bbbb2d9f7fc7?bundleLinkId=ozHVs87Holiday shaninigans


Under The Mistletoe: A Bundle of Holiday Shenanigans