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Before I start, here`s a short messagge to a guy who loves dogs a little too much: THERE ARE NO DOGS FUCKING HERE. At least not in my posts.

Yes, I love sex and I really love dogs, but this two I don`t „combine“. Get it? Good.

I mean, some of mine ex-s I may classify as animals, but zoophilia is not my thing. (one of my ex-s was lying like a dog, the other one was often playing with his monkey, the third one ate like the pig,…Oh, and another one was so hairy that he looked more like a bear…but still-no sodomy here)

Talking about sexual deviations and the thrill that they bring, we will easly slip into the problem. To cut to the chase, let`s say that people who are in it, have a fear of rejection. Simple as that. They are grown up but their cojones haven`t followed them. Instead, they developed in some other form. Hm.

For example, I know a guy who often fantasies about gang bang. The 1 on 1 action it`s just not enough for him. But he freaks on 4:1 formation. And he just can`t see that, THAT is incredible fear and hate towards women, and so protrutedly supressed homosexuality that is…unbelievable. Which he can`t admit to himself. Not in a million years.

But considering that he lives in a very macho culture, where homosexuality wears a big negative sign, he have „flipped over“ the thing on a way that according to him s more…appropriate.

Because this way, the woman is still a very degraded  and very irrelevant object, while the male sexuality is almighty.

Imagine several naked male bodies, their prides and joys which dangle and only one little woman. Hm… There is something…fishy in the scene. You like women? Really? And again, hm…

Soooo, there is no chance in hell that you enjoy in that nice male bodies which are petting on you? Oh! That`s grues you say? Aha! Right.

Of course you don`t. Everything is alright, baby. Hush.

And then the frog turned into a princ and the dragon….

The resume is: it is nice to be kinky a bit, as long as you don`t exaggerate. When the things become just too weird. Like dogs, sheeps, calamaries… Then it`s time for somebody to shout „hold your horses!“ what is too much is too much.

And to you, dog man, you are a sick puppy!


TV… such a powerful media. Everyone is watching it. Long, long time ago, on the television you could see only the ones who really had „something“ – good actors, giornalists, singers… Now, with all this reality shows and talk shows, everyone may get a chance to be on it. And some of them are really using it. Big time.

Some people would do anything just to have their own 5 minutes of fame. Even if they reveal to the world that they are peeping through te keyhole while their mother-in-law  takes a shower. Or that every now and then, they stick a corncob into their ass.

So that someone may say to them: „I`ve seen you last night on TV!!!“

They don`t mind the fact that they will completly lose their dignity and that they will probably spend their whole life labeled as freaks, sickos, perverts, or however they have presented  themselves to the world.

But nevermind, because the star is born.

To be honest, the „star“ had some… unpleasent feedbacks, because his wife left him after the show, his mother run off crying from the studio, his friends won`t answer his calls and his CEO manager called his boss demanding to fire the idiot first thing tomorrow morning.

While the „star“ is still blinking blankly with the stupid smile on his face. He fucked up his lfe but that information still haven`t arrived to his small brain. The only thing that echoes in his head is „…you`re a star, you`re star, you`re star…look ma`, I`m on the top of the world!“

I really wonder if those idiots heard the moron alarm while they were applying into the show, or at least when they were entering into the studio, to same alarm which would alert them that they are just about to the most stupid thing in their life? Or maybe, the narcissistic dose that they own, is so strong that it practically blinds all that is inteligent and emphatic in them, in the same time forgetting what shame and damage will it bring to themselves and their closed ones?

And let`s not kid ourselves – it doesn`t have anything to do with the money. The money is just an excuse.

And the measuring unit. Of the true fact – how much they appreciate their most valuable: dignity, selfrespect, family and friends.

They are there because they want to be somebody.

Even if that somebody is the biggest idiot in the country.

I have a curios nature. Don`t like fatalism. Just can`t buy all those „What you gonna do, it`s faith, right?“. I refuse to bealive that everything is predrawned and decided. I am the tailor of my life in every aspect. But I`m opened to almost all theories, bealifs and explainations. And yes, I do bealive that there is something more, that we are all part of it, but don`t hussle me with something which is against my nature and reason. Respect me and I will respect you.

And for that reason, from time to time, I meet all kinds of followers and spiritual junkies.

Like this one.

I met the guy few years ago. Gentle, educated and kind liberal, living in the countryside, on a decent estate, lots of animals on it, sourrounded by beautiful nature. So I decided to try.

He was very attached to his family and I must say that they have wellcomed me with their arms and hearts wide opened.  But soon it turned out there is a story behind it.

His family is a synonim for spritual junkies. They bealive in everything. Absolutely everything. You name it, they got it. I just don`t get it how in the world are they functioning at all! Everything that happens or doesn`t happens is a SIGN. From a small pebble on the road up to the events on the global level.  Oh, yes, I had fun in the beggining! Long talks in front of the open fire, regenerating walks in the woods, explaining the Sense and the Path till the break of dawn…

Until few things happened… Some things that I just couldn`t swallow…

Event 1.

Summer storm. Comes suddenly with all surpressed strenght. And brings the releif. Usually.

An hour or so, after such a bless, me and the Liberal came home, back to the comforting countryside. And had an Opening, a grand one actually. We really had something to see: in the whole living room, dining room were covered with water, the bathroom looked like Beyrut caused by the powerful wind which have thrown all the things from the shelves, braking  ceramic tiles, toilet shell and the sink. In the middle of all that chaos we found his mother and sister peacefully sitting, with their legs on the chairs, avoiding the flood. After few seconds of disbelief, I have asked them why, in the God`s name, they haven`t closed the shutters or at least the windows when the storm started?!? They answered me calmly, in total Zen mode, that they couldn`t because that was a sign…

What a f…… sign?!?!? That you are morons?!? And why haven`t you cleaned mopped all that water???? No answer. They thought the question doesn`t deserve an answer. Why would it? It`s obvious!

Event 2.

His sister had a fight with her best friend. She came home, thrown all the friend`s things including her gifts. Then she started to lit up the candles „to clean the bad energy“. And took the rest of the actions that could follow such an event.

And I was cool with it. Really.

Until the rooster got it!

The poor thing had certain years, so his favorite thing was just hanging around the yard, avoiding all uncessary actions. He picked the wrong time to be hanging around doing nothing.  They killed it. Explaining it that sister`s ex-best friend have sent negative energy which have reflected from the sister to the poor rooster. So they HAD to eliminate it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that was it! It`s been a pleasure, you`re an lovely audience but I really have to go! Gone! Running! See ya!

There are people like it. Everything mystical, distant and out of reach is just….FANASTIC and everything what suits them is justified. Everything except taking the responsability of their actions and decisions. Cause that would mean that they are here and now, that they see themselves and others as they are, and that would involve some feelings and thougts which may not be pleasant. And that would be the real epiphany!