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As promised, in just 48 hours you may grab your free copy of I Never Lied to You.

The promo days start on Saturday 25th and end on Wednesday 29th.


So get your favorite blankie, cuddle on the sofa and indulge yourself in lots of giggles.

I Never Lied to You cover



Winter is coming! Oh, wait, it`s here already.


Forget about long colds nights – light it up with some serious laughter. I present you the funniest gift this season – a handpicked selection of comedies to bring back the merry in the upcoming holidays.

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Winter ice tongue

In the most romantic month of the year, I present you the goodies from StoryOrigin!

Take the main ingredients, heat them up and dive into the winter romance. These are one of the most romantic tales for you to cuddle and enjoy.

So check them out and spice your Christmas with romance and few giggles.

Winter romance