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Isn`t it beautiful when people fall in love? You remember, the butterflies in your stomach, the sparkling energy which you generate like a smaller nuclear plant, the joy you want to share with the whole world. And of course, the changes you make to yourself – taking more care of your appearance and even polishing your little possible flaws. You know, like saying you absolutely love how your chosen one enjoys football. Everything just to be more likable to the object of your infatuation.

And like they say, it is all fair in love and war. Well, at least until that love really grows into a war.

Robert was a fairly reasonable guy, but 10 years ago he met Diane and deeply fell in love. The feeling was so strong that he couldn`t wait to marry her. She was the one, the perfect one for him. So only 5 months after, they organized a small ceremony and exchanged the rings in front of the family and close friends.

But what Robert didn`t expect is that his loving Diane has also brushed her character flaws and interests. Just like he did in the beginning. Time was passing by slowly, discovering how different they really were. He really enjoyed in martial arts, becoming a real sensei as the years passed by, and she hated the physical activity so much that his enthusiasm made her hate herself. He enjoyed literacy so much that he started to write himself, while she spent her time watching the soap operas every afternoon. Robert adores children and started to feel quite unhappy realizing that Diane wouldn`t even think of having them. While his spiritual side is something he cares about, Robert led his life just trying to be a good person, but without visiting the God`s house. Diane, on the other side, found that she liked going to church a few times a week. And resented him for not going with her. The list goes on and on.

So they decided to split. For good. Before the hate becomes their only mutual connection.
All this time, the whole 10 years, Robert hasn`t said a single ugly word about Diane or their life. Not to her, not to anyone else. His parents thought him that being a good man means also to be kind and civilized and to always defend your family. And for long ten years, Diane was his family.
A month ago, my phone rung. I answered and heard:

„I did it! I finally did it!”, Robert yelled on the other side. „The marriage is over, we signed the papers and I said it!”

„Said what?”, I asked, completely confused.

„I said: Diane, %#& you! Did you hear? %#& you, Diane!”, he shouted.

„Ahm, I`m sorry, what? What`s the big deal?”

„Because now I can finally say what I feel!”

As it turned out, through all those long years, he never came even close to say what he really thinks or feels. He didn`t allow himself to do it. When I asked why he kept quiet, he said that it wasn`t appropriate. To swear in front of his own wife. Because, according to him, he didn`t want to hurt her feelings. Like the divorce wouldn`t.

We are talking about the freedom of speech, but forget to take that right in our own intimate universes. It is important to say it, to express our feelings and elaborate our stands. Even if it`s a bad and ugly word.

So take that right. Say it. Just let it out. Maybe it`s not appropriate all the time, but sometimes that one word means freedom. For your close ones and for yourself. And maybe that ugly word will give the future to your whole life story.

Because you deserve it, dammit, vol.197.

from the bottom of the heart



Being polite is important. Not sticking your nose in peoples
lives is essential. To remain classy and civilised in
great emotional storms is a life saver.
But what about our families, where are the boundaries there?

There`s a puzzled look on a girl`s face while she is showing the photo of a cute newborn baby on her cell phone. The cute bundle of joy is her new cousin. The parents named him Mark, as she stated, but she can`t tell much about him. Or about her new aunt. You see there`s a silent code in her family, almost an omerta, that there are many things of which they do not speak. Why? Because it is not appropriate. God forbid to show any weakness or become the new hot gossip. As she figured it out, from the crumbs of information she gathered, her uncle has left his wife recently and married a young girl. Which makes her the girl`s third auntie in the past ten years. The playful uncle got his fifth child, bless them all. His previous daughters won`t speak of it, her own mother built a wall in front of her and the grandmother refuses to say a word about the topic entirely.

Which reminded the girl about the curious event that happened five years ago. While the uncle was still married to his second wife, her brother suddenly died in a car crash. Our girl was given the strict instructions not to talk about it in front of their family. Especially in front of her cousins. As it turned out, they explained to the kids that mom`s brother left for a business trip. A really really long one. Back then the youngest was 11 and the older was 14 years old, but because of the family „tradition”, they still can`t reveal that the cheerful lad who was visiting them every week is in fact permanently gone. Sometimes she sees all of them like a well-trained circus animal, destined to play the show their whole lives, ignoring the pain and the scars, the fears, and worries. Because appearance and performance are everything, the public can not know anything about the inner nightmares. Just their excellence.

There`s an established tradition in almost every family to swipe the dirt under the carpet when the guests suddenly show up at the door. Usually, you take the dirt out when they leave, trash it in the bin and vent the room. And then you can breathe freely again, without stumbling on some covered clumps. But in the girl`s case, the carpet is raised too high. There are so many things creeping under it that is practically flying itself, eager to reveal all the unwanted garbage that`s been crammed over the years. And when that happens, which certainly will, the incoming avalanche will swipe even the good things they gathered. But who knows, maybe that will liberate them enough to be able to leave the old burdens behind, sit down on their own carpet and fly in their clear, opened skies.

I know that the girl from our story will. Her family taught her that, making her choose the fluency and airiness as her life ride.

Because we all deserve it, vol.192.

Remember normal family

When he met her she seemed like the sweetest thing. So caring and loving, full of compassion and understanding for everyone, a little emotional, yes, but all in all a wonderful creature. They married and she was possibly the greatest wife ever.

And then the baby arrived.

The little bundle of joy made him incredibly happy. He couldn’t wait to get back home from work just to see his precious little girl.  But as the time passed it turned out that this was his primary role – to watch the baby. Literally. No picking up or such nonsense because according to his dear wife, he wasn’t doing it right, he could drop the baby, that was not the proper way to change the diapers, she said, turn off the TV because it’s bad for the little one, she hissed. And the things went on and on.

The first year passed, then the second. Mommy dearest turned into Momzilla. All that hissing and biting spread on other people. Almost all the people. She started writing long angry posts on the social networks about anything that she couldn’t stand and it was all connected to their little girl. She was angry at people on the street because they were talking too loud when she took her little one on a walk. She had a fight with every neighbor in their building because she suspected one is smoking in his flat, the second was cooking something she could smell, the other was listening the music the baby could hear, and the list could go on and on. Nobody could visit them in their apartment because they were all annoying and not good for their daughter. In the meanwhile, the little girl continued to grow and started to become, well, to put it simply, a spoiled brat. That kind of a child that must always be the center of the universe, that won’t allow any adult to actually say the whole sentence without her screaming, yelling or throwing things just to get attention. Because everyone all the time must be listening what she had to say. All must be listening to her. Like her mother does.

As the time passed, the husband started to become quieter. He was still adoring his little one but from a distance. Because this was the only way he was allowed. He was sad and as the years come by, ashamed. Because of his wife behavior. Because of that mean, harsh and vicious woman she has become. And afraid that his little one is starting to grow into the same type as her momma. So he tried to talk with his once lovely wife, but then he discovered the hell’s fury. Her family tried to put some sense into it, but she furiously chased them away. Their friends tried a gentle approach and she spilled all her wrath on them.

And finally, she became bitter. Because from her point of view people were horrible, selfish, they betrayed her,  and she was just trying to raise her child. Not realizing that she is the mother source for all that misery.

Love is grand. Love is beautiful. Love can exist in so many ways and transform into most incredible shapes. But only if we respect it. And the people who are giving it.

Because we all deserve it, 177. Momzilla