Being polite is important. Not sticking your nose in peoples
lives is essential. To remain classy and civilised in
great emotional storms is a life saver.
But what about our families, where are the boundaries there?

There`s a puzzled look on a girl`s face while she is showing the photo of a cute newborn baby on her cell phone. The cute bundle of joy is her new cousin. The parents named him Mark, as she stated, but she can`t tell much about him. Or about her new aunt. You see there`s a silent code in her family, almost an omerta, that there are many things of which they do not speak. Why? Because it is not appropriate. God forbid to show any weakness or become the new hot gossip. As she figured it out, from the crumbs of information she gathered, her uncle has left his wife recently and married a young girl. Which makes her the girl`s third auntie in the past ten years. The playful uncle got his fifth child, bless them all. His previous daughters won`t speak of it, her own mother built a wall in front of her and the grandmother refuses to say a word about the topic entirely.

Which reminded the girl about the curious event that happened five years ago. While the uncle was still married to his second wife, her brother suddenly died in a car crash. Our girl was given the strict instructions not to talk about it in front of their family. Especially in front of her cousins. As it turned out, they explained to the kids that mom`s brother left for a business trip. A really really long one. Back then the youngest was 11 and the older was 14 years old, but because of the family „tradition”, they still can`t reveal that the cheerful lad who was visiting them every week is in fact permanently gone. Sometimes she sees all of them like a well-trained circus animal, destined to play the show their whole lives, ignoring the pain and the scars, the fears, and worries. Because appearance and performance are everything, the public can not know anything about the inner nightmares. Just their excellence.

There`s an established tradition in almost every family to swipe the dirt under the carpet when the guests suddenly show up at the door. Usually, you take the dirt out when they leave, trash it in the bin and vent the room. And then you can breathe freely again, without stumbling on some covered clumps. But in the girl`s case, the carpet is raised too high. There are so many things creeping under it that is practically flying itself, eager to reveal all the unwanted garbage that`s been crammed over the years. And when that happens, which certainly will, the incoming avalanche will swipe even the good things they gathered. But who knows, maybe that will liberate them enough to be able to leave the old burdens behind, sit down on their own carpet and fly in their clear, opened skies.

I know that the girl from our story will. Her family taught her that, making her choose the fluency and airiness as her life ride.

Because we all deserve it, vol.192.

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