It`s been a long day.

And you worked your ass off.

The only thing that comes to your mind is to take a shower and lie down.

So you are heading to the shower bath.

Question: how do you wanna feel?

No really, how do you wanna feel? Think! Don`t give me an ordinary „OK“ or „fine“.

No, no, you want to feel like someone really important!

In your bath slash shower.

Because it is a major issue.

At least it is according to any product for personal care, with their new luxury oily-creamy showering product.

Now watch out! You see a gorgeous chick in the shower, all in lush glittering foam, and she is petting herself sooooo gently….and under it, on the bottom of the screen you can read:

Yasmin – business communication manager. (but of course she is)

And now, let`s take a wild guess and presume that YOUR name is Mary (Susan, Barbara, Linda, Maria….) and that you work in a grocery store. Just before the famous showering action, you were carrying heavy boxes, cleaning shelves, had an argue with your boss about a some stupid thing, then with your landlord who insisted that you…. You didn`t feel glamorous at all. Not a bit. A-a.

But you would like to.


Simple, you „steal“ some VIP life using the same shower cream as dignitary and smashing Yasmin! If it`s good enough for Yasmin, you`ll be flying through stars!

The thing that actually sucks is that the product is intended for self-confident emancipated successful career woman with the X factor.

Not for some… Mary, for crying out loud!

And you want something better for yourself. At least for that 10 minutes, or how long it takes to take a shower.

You would be Yasmin too, just for a while.

Because, after the luxury shower, Yasmin will probably slip into a very expensive dress, sit in her very expensive car, and drive herself on some very expensive place, where she will eat a very expnesive dinner with a equally expensive man.

And you would like soooooo much to be her, just for a moment. `Cause you are sick from the existing situation.

The smart and very clever heads who make the commercials know that. That`s why they invented a VIP hottie in the first place. And as soon as you buy their product, bang – you feel better already!

You already feel luxurious. Somehow you are…. yasminized. And you feel gooooooood.

Because who wants to be Mary?!?

Mary sucks.

And that`s the main messagge of the commercial.

(recommended for all Marys, Barbaras, Marias, Susans and all those lovely and beautiful „ordinary“ girls – you are the true stars)