You were, weren`t you.

But you are no more, aren`t you.

And now, what everyone are expecting is that you are nice and civilised.

Like „no biggy, of course that we can still chirp, I mean yes, we have broke up but we can still be friends, don`t worry about it“.

Oh really?!?

There is something I need to say to you… Do I have your attention? Listen then…

Drop dead!!! That`s right, you heard me, die bastard, die!!!

Call me primitive, hey, consider me even a spore, but THAT „friendly thingy“ just won`t happen!

Hear, hear!

He was with Her, for some time, and She was everything except caring or loving. Actually, that`s not completly true: she was caring and loving to herself but to him she gave nothing. To be more precise, she was a cold egocentric trash. But in fancy gloves.

And they broke up. And of course, the pure post-moderna came up with today`s inevitable „let`s stay friends“ line. The chuff, well-manered, moden and nice as he is, of course said YES.

And that`s why he thinks he is cool.

„Yeah, we`ve been together, she`s ok, we are still going for a cup of coffee every now and then. I`m cool.“.

The bitch, `cause that`s what she is, have emotionaly squeezed him until the last drop, and now he is paying some I`m-soooo-above-this role.

Oh no, you`re not cool. You`re pathetic.

Why? Because that beast have hurted you. Badly.

And with that forcing of a good and civilised relationship the only thing that you`re achieving is that you are stepping on that minimum of dignity that you still have.

You are beating down yourself.

Because you are denying all that blackness that you have swollen for her, because you are scorning YOUR feelings. To hell with hers!

You may keep trying to persuade your mind that this is not true, but your truely self, your real Me, knows the real truth. You can`t fool it. Oh, you may totally train yourself to be insensitive and totally cool but the fact is that you are spitting yourself in the face. And you are doing it again and again. With every „friendly coffee“ and every „funny“ sms.


Wanna buy a whimp too?

What you should do, you ask?

Forgive her, of course. And what is more important – forgive yourself. You made a mistake. Human factor.

And then you call her and tell her this: Fuck out of my life!!! Don`t call me, don`t send me messagges, to be short – FUCK OFF.

Get a life, leave mine to me.

I may be a total jerk, a moron, whatever, but he/she must know: I am precious.

And I won`t let no-one to trample me. My every breath is priceless. And I won`t waste it with you, that`s for sure.

This is called selfrespect.

It is a fine skill.

It is not for anyone.

Surely not for bitches/jerks.

And I don`t care about the social norms. I want to be good to myself. And true. And worth of my own respect.

That`s why repeat after me: fuck you.

Because I deserve it.