People are beautiful.

Really, they are.

Why? Because they are all different. Every single person makes it`s own personal mix of affinities, thoughts, sounds, smells and colours creating a masterpiece. Every now and then, we step into a new gallery observing new artworks. Some of it we love and some we may hate but getting to know them enriches  us every time.

On some, if you look carefully, you may see the freshness, you may see that the artist is young and that he still has to learn a lot until he developes his creations to the fullest. Same goes to us. We are all learning and evolving our whole life.

That is, if we want to learn.

If we can admit it to ourselves. If not, we have a problem, because being apperciated and recognized by others is not an easy task. And in the end, we do want it, don`t we?

A friend of mine called asking for an advice. I like her very much. I appreciate her because she is warm, direct, funny, energetic and alive.

And for those reasons a certain He liked her too.

They were going out for about 6 months after which she have practicly moved to his place. Howcome his place was tiny they started to think about moving in together in a larger apartment. Easy peasy.

Like I said, she is a very decisive and energetic creature, for her everything is black or white. This is why she doesn`t understands others with more shades… And other colours and designs…

The problem arised when the time came, from her point of view, to be practical and to take the first available apartment. Her logic was clear:

Are we good to each other?

Do we want the same things?

Are we capable to be together?

So? What seems to be the problem?!?

And He… He got the sudden urge to pack the necessitisies and swimm right to Columbia. To hell with the hurricane season, sharks and killer bees – this is much worse. She is determined and direct. And she demands the answer –NOW.

Lord have mercy…

Sooooooo… I tried to explain it that we are not all the same. For example, I`m not. Hell no.

This kind of attitude freaks me out too. That doesn`t means that I don`t care enough or that we`re not good for each other just… Why are you pushing it? What`s the hurry?

Is there something I should know? Some terrible event in the near future?The end of the world, maybe? What?!?

Mine Me travelling into our We often experiences turbulences. And this is got nothing to do with you. This is just my natural impulse, the resistance of my identity not to end in the symbiosis and nestane.

I really enjoy being with you, we have a ton things in common, and yes, I thought a lot of times about us living together but please slow down. I˙m not happy neither for measuring every thing before I step on it and the fact that I have to prepare myself before it.

Damn it, when you push it like that, the only impulse that I have is to run! Anywhere. Just to start running and don`t stop until I got to breath again.

So pass that passport cause I`m off!

Take it easy. The world is still turning. Be more subtle. I have the constitutional right for personal freedom! And it is normal that I get fidgety when there`s danger to losing it. Yes, I know that I will get a lot of pleasent things with this step but please…Give me the right of the freshly angled fish to wallow during catch. We will have a better stew!

The key word is easy.

Let`s have the light crossings not the harsh cuts.

And everything will be all right.

How she took it you ask? Weeeeeeell…. Not so good. First she said that we are both crazy, that this is just not right, that she can`t understand it, that we are some pieces of work, that…

Then she thought about it.

She loves him. (and my humble presence).

She listened carefuly what I said and again she talked to him.

So… that means that this new thing or attitude maybe isn`t so wrong. She loves him for the things he is, and for the differencies he has for which he is a special creation. Maybe it will take some effort to work it out but finally she will get a unique artwork that she will have the pleasure to enjoy in it every day.

And that is really something.