Searching…Searching…Searching…Target located. Lock and load.

You have found the wanted targer which mostly suits your prefrences.

A man, attractive, mostly bested, educated, with similar affinities, free…

Eye contact have been established several times, same as the mutual visual estimation. You staring at him, he˙s staring back to you. Positive feedback.

You see him usually at night. He is mostly with his male buddies. And for that reason you zaključiti da he is single. And ready to mingle. With you.

Of course he is free, otherwise he would be companioned by a female speciment. Because people do that. When they „have“ someone, they go out togeter, that way declaring to the world their mutual attraction and the desire for spending their free time together. So men take their proud choice by the hand and show it to the public – the female representative with which He is sharing his…intimate juices. And his time and space.

On several occasions, you haven`t seen any such activity in the space of your dark object of desire,  so you feel invited to step into his intimate territory. With doors wide opened.

Not surmising anything…

Well behind the carefully built facade of the attractive FREE male you will find a twofaced selfish maggot which is already sharing his intimate space with someone. Far from your eyes. While you are flerting with him. And seeding your wishes and hopes on his ground.

At the time he is playing naive. He is very kind with you, he doesn`t push it, which seems to you like a polite human being, who respects the women. Yeah right…

You had the pleasure to meet a sleezy weasel which loves to sit on two chairs. No, he is not timid, shy or full of respect, as you may presume but caution. At this time, he is already sharing his precious tool with someone but you haven`t figured it out `cause he is alone or with his friends everytime you run to him when you go out.

Soon you find out that he is seeing somebody, to be precise, he is in the relationship. In the same time playing the role of the „Lost in the dark“, blinking with his pretty eyes cause he`s flashed by your sudden lighting phenomenon.

What a….

You have every right to be dissapointed but you know what to do. You do because you know that even if he breaks up with his current female choice, he would do the same thing to you. While you would cuddle him during the week, he would be playing a free spirit during the weekend, available for new acquaintances. No strings. No mercy.

Because he needs space.

A fucking architect.

So much for respect. Hope. And trust.

So put a cross on the thing.

Write a R.I.P. on it.

Barry it to be rotten.

He belongs to maggots anyway.

Not to you.

You will find something else. Something real. Something good.

Because you deserve it.