The good thing about the parties is that you always meet new people. And you can always learn more about something.

Been to one yesterday, a small one, kind of intimate. There were 8 friends I know for years and 2 new girls. The friend who invited them said that they are both nice and good looking and that it`s a real mystery how come they are still single after all these years.

I liked them, they liked me, so we spent the evening talking about all sorts of things.

After the usual „I love your hair/shoes/style“ we started talking about relationships and I found out that they are not single by choice – they both said that they would love to be with somebody but somehow it`s just not happening…

Lovely gals, by the way. Both funny, educated, financialy secured, good looking.

So what`s wrong?

Well… here`s what.

The first one, the Blondie, would be the perfect wife: gentle, kind, cheerful. A type of woman which would always agree with her man, a type who would took good care of him and the kids. She wouldn`t bother him with too many questions, demands, her attitude…

So she „gave“ last 10 years of her life to some Player, which is not often present in her life. But he is in other`s. He sure tries to be. A type of the man which would do a sheep if she looks at him twice.

But she is patient. Says he will change. And really, she doesn`t look bad, blond, tender and sweet. She`s practicly calling to be protected, secured, cudled… And in return, you will have her eternal gratitude and loyalty.

And this is why she`s single. Because no matter how much these attributes may be appealing at first, nobody wants to marry a carpet. No spark, no passion, no respect.

The other one, the Foxy, went completly to the opposite side – she`s energetic, alive, with attitude. During all these single years she have managed to learn who she is, she knows what she likes and what doesn`t. And she doesn`t misses a chance to say it. Or demanding it. Even of somebody can take it as a constant nagging. When you first hear it, it sounds like a right and healthy way but in years she have also developed a wafter of non-attractive characterictics: insufficent tolerance, incomprehension the concept of compromise, inflexible of other people˙s imperfections or different character traits… Which makes her very hard and too demanding.  Desirable only in small doses…

A real shame. And this is why they say that is better to get married in early 20s. Because at that age you still don`t really know yourself, imagine how then you may know the others. You`re more tolerant, adjusting and acceptance are more easier. Later on, lots of things are unacceptable. You`re more selfish. More aware of yourself and your needs and wishes.

But hey, it`s still better to be an almost satisfied single than a married but miserable half! And that`s the attitude that those girls need.