Now, we have the Dark Knights.

Those fine examples with shady expression, nonchalant but confident and we notice them immediately when we step in the room. They don`t need advertising. They don`t need the talk. One look and your hormons just heathenize. Actually, less they talk more powerful they are. Usually, when they do start talking, you will hear such a nonsense that you will turn around and leave. They are much better distant, dark, attractive and mysterious. Hush honey, hush…

On the other side are the Frogs. These may stand 5 days in a row in the same room, checking you out from all angles, sending you telepathically 3000 messages, but screening you memory…  you still won`t be sure if there was standing someone interesting or just a coat-hanger.

He has actually something to say but just stands there and checks you bashfully. Which is not your case. Cause you can`t. The Dark one is transmitting the special program from his center, with an interesting musical background, in which very loudly echos I`m just a looooooove machine….

In the meanwhile, the Frogs are lamenting audibly. Every now and then, someone even bealives them. That they are in fact fantastic, that they are a hidden treasure only waiting to be discovered. Well…Big mistake. Actually, huge mistake. Why? Because that is what we call a cunjuror method. Old as the Time itself. The Middle Age, to be more accurate.

For the ones who haven`t been listening carefully in history classes, but they are romantic souls, here comes the missing lesson. Your attention please:

Women are waiting for their Princ charming on the white horse and the Frogs are waiting for the princess which will turn them into a Princ. So that after the trasformation they can bestride that same horse and embrace (or more often mount) the Not-interested-one from the beginning of the story. After it, they can ride away towards the sunset. Alone.  In pursuit of a dragon to fight. Which dragon? Have anyone confirmed it`s existance?

No. Cause it`s a fictious being used as a most convicing excuse: „Sorry my darling, but I most depart and save the world from a fire-belching monster!“. And he`s gone. Galloping. And you`re holding lace sachet sobbing in tears.

Ha! The timid Frog! Yeah, right… He`s not some hidden treasure which will you get and keep after the careful discovery. No, no…That slimy green creature will use all the tricks in the book to make you set him free from a spell that holds him (insecurity) which was thrown by the evil witch (his mother).  When he gets what he needs and grows stronger, he just…disappears. Vanishes into thin air. Leaving you staring with you mouth open.

Cause he looked so nice…innocent…untainted… inexperienced…fresh…even green! (a significant recognition factor) Let him rot in that slough of his, worthless sleek!

And this is why we are mechanically choosing the Dark ones. At least with them we know what are we going to find.

We`re hoping to get Heath Ledger or some similar type od Dark Knight. With them, we are playing with the open cards: there is no search for the hidden treasure, no complicated  illusions, no magical tricks –what you see is what you get.

And if it don`t works, to hell with it, at least we have a tale to tell.