This is a true story.

Once upon a time there was a couple.

He was gorgeous, She was beautiful. He was tall, self-confident, with a darker skin and She was smart, lush with long thick blond hair. They met in one of the bars and they just clicked. Oh that sweet kissing, long talks, great sex…

After a certain time, she moved to his place. Everything worked out for them, the love was blossoming. Then they started to make plans for the future, had Sunday lunches with his parents, then hers, bought new furniture for their home. Everything was peachy and rosy with a dash of red.

The idyll lasted for almost two years.  Just until one day, one ordinary usual not different from any other (you know, I woke up and had a straaaaange feeling), without any suggestion, She have discovered that her only one has a new hobby.

And no, that was no sport, or some sudden wish for male bonding like He told her (honey going for a drink/walk/game with my friends, the guys called and I can`t refuse them again) but somehow… different need for socialization.

His brand new interest was few years younger, had nice brown hair and was so, so cute. So sweet that you just want to… vomit! And she was soooooooooo, sooooooooo in love with him. Now isn`t that sweet! Aaaaaah!

After the first shock and the primary impulse to smash something, She stopped and started to think… THAT She may do some other time. But today, today She will do something completly different!

The mentioned two-faced swine was working third shift at the time. So She concetrated on Joe Cocker… And started to sing By the little help from my friends…. She waited peacefuly until The unfortunate went to work, bye-kissy-kissy, see you tommorrow buttercup…. And…let the games begin!

The demolition team have arrived with few cars. And they took everything. I mean, everything. They started with the chairs, then took out the sofa, disassembled the closets, then the kitchen…. They have taken all the pictures from the walls. For crying out loud, they even took  the nails from the wall!

The woman have literally took Ivana Trumps`s advice: don`t get mad – get everything.

When the guy came home that morning, he had a pretty interesting sight – there was nothing there. Nothing. In that one night, the small enthusiastic team have really managed to pull everything out. Oh, so you would like a new nest with your new love? You want a new, clear beginning? Here you go!

And by the way, another mysterious thing happened that night. Someone, we still haven`t figured who and she swears she had nothing to do with it, have pushed His car into the sea. Who knew that parking in the harbour was so tricky! Ah, today`s youth! Pure deliquents! What they wouldn`t do for fun after few drinks!

The history have never mentioned him again. It looks like that his new love story have ended soon after that. The Sweetie was sweet only for a certain period, after which she have discovered something more appropriate. A younger guy of her age. Also very cute.

And the hero of the story? She`s just great.

And I still start smiling when I see Her. To do such a thing – you need balls. And of course, some help of good friends.